Air Jordans have been an intricate part of the sneaker game since they were first introduced in 1985. Whether it was the Jordan 1 getting banned,Cheap Jordans MJ dunking from the foul line in the Jordan 2, or making us believe he could fly in the Air Jordan 3, our memories our filled with Air Jordan history. But even when Michael was captivating crowds with his acrobatic performances his sneakers didn't always fly off the shelves. Getting a pair of Jordans during his active career was much easier than grabbing a pair now (with some exceptions). The selling out of every release is relatively new to the history of Jordans. With the new generation of "sneakerheads" and the craze about Jordans over the past few years, there is often an argument that some of the buyers never even saw Jordan in flight or know anything about the history of Air Jordans—we got you. Next time you're chopping it up with a group of your peers you will have a better understanding about the sneakers Air Jordan history you are grabbing and its place in the sneaker culture. Especially for those debates about who had the greatest sneakers. Sorry, Kobe and LeBron. But whether you're new to the sneaker game or an old 'head who has been putting in work for years, there's a lot to learn when it comes to Air Jordans and their history. Hit the jump to check out The Complete History of the Air Jordans I – XX8 and feel free to share your thoughts and Jordan stories in the comment section.

To think, the first Air Jordan almost never even existed after Michael Jordans For Cheap was so adamant that his agent get him a deal with adidas. Nike made it happen and the vision was to treat its new star like a tennis player, which at the time was the sport that had the best sneaker endorsements. The Air Jordan I wasn't changing the game with innovation at the time, but the Dunk-like silhouette was the perfect template to feature some of the best colorway combinations and please the eye aesthetically.

The Jordan I's $65 price tag at the time had people balking at grabbing a pair but NBA Cheap Jordans Online commissioner David Stern ended up being the one with the best "marketing plan" for the sneaker Cheap Jordans For Sale. After MJ stepped out on the floor in the infamous black and red Is that Mike himself said looked like the Devil's shoe, the NBA fined Jordan $5,000 every game he laced them up for failing to meet the uniform code. The sneaker ban built so much buzz around the shoe that Nike gladly paid each fine and eventually watched the money pile up. Nike had to make a secondary colorway that fit NBA guidelines. And all this before the shoe even hit the market.

Michael had some of his greatest moments in the Jordan I, including his 63-point playoff performance that had Larry Bird comparing Mike to God and also the '85 Slam Dunk Contest draped in two gold chains (2 Chainz!). 13 years later Jordan would break out his first kicks one last time in his Chicago farewell tour stop at Madison Square Garden even though he had outgrown the pair by a full size. King.

After all of the success of the Jordan I, Nike did a complete 180 with the design of the Air Jordan II. Once again Peter Moore was behind the design board and he broke every rule. The shoe was the first Nike shoe to not feature Swoosh branding anywhere on the sneaker. It was a risky move, but it ushered in an era where design, not a logo, was most important. The Jordan II was the only pair of Jordans to be made in Italy, and thanks to the faux-lizard skin on the upper and design inspiration from a women's boot (an inspiration that would pop up again with the Air Jordan XII) they brought a new level of luxury to sports product as well as pop culture warranting the $100 price tag. If these were a true retro today you could expect them to go for well over three bills.

The Jordan II originally only dropped in two colorways as well as a low-top version during it's first run, again completely opposite of the Jordan I that released in a countless number of color combinations. The shoe was a staple on shows like A Different World, proving it was just as coveted for off-the-court fashion as on-the-court performance. Shortly after Carmelo Anthony penned to Jordan Brand in 2003, JB cooked-up a special player edition in the Nuggets' blue and gold colorway for the young star, helping the Jordan II legacy carry on.

Michael wasn't too big on signing with Nike Cheap Jordans Free Shipping from the start and after two of the people who did the most to bring him to the brand Cheap Authentic Jordans (Peter Moore and Rob Strasser) left, he was considering a change of scenery as well—his initial deal was up in 1988. In the end, it was young designer Tinker Hatfield's incorporation of the elephant print and the Moore-conceived Jumpman logo on the revolutionary Air Jordan IIIs (and Michael's dad telling MJ that Nike had his best interest at heart) that convinced him to stay.

The shoe was originally named the Air Jordan Revolution and incorporated Mike's personality into the design concept. In the end, Nike decided to keep the Roman numeral system for marketing reasons and it also introduced us to Mars Blackmon after the brand decided to hire Brooklyn native Spike Lee to direct and star in the commercial. The gamble ended up being another win for the brand and 25 years later its iconic status isn't up for debate. Another timeless moment that helped etch the sneaker in history was MJ taking flight in the IIIs from the free-throw line during Chicago's All-Star Weekend and winning the Slam Dunk Contest—earning MVP honors in the black/cement pair during the game itself didn't hurt either.